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Generate electricity with a biogas plant

Strom erzeugen mit Biogasanlage

Mona Lindenmeyer |

How do you get electricity from biogas to charge electric commercial vehicles?

Electricity from biogas can be generated using combined heat and power (CHP). In this process, electricity and heat are produced as co-products. In the cogeneration process, a biogas-fired unit drives a generator that produces electrical energy. Internal combustion engines, but also other types of engines and gas turbines, can be used to drive the generator. In principle, it is also possible to generate electricity using fuel cells.

In this way, so-called green electricity can be generated with the help of a biogas plant. This electricity can either be used locally for personal use or fed into the community's power grid. The ecological electricity you produce yourself can also be linked to your charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Make optimal use of your self-sufficient power supply to charge your electric fleet by charging the electric yard loaders or electric mini excavators whenever you are producing electricity.