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Hydraulic snow blade

Hydraulic snow blade

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Hydraulic snow blade with a width of 126 cm suitable for MONA eHoflader. Hydraulics can be connected via third control circuit.

The hydraulically pivoting snow blade for the electric MONA farm loader is versatile and, in addition to pushing snow, is perfect for pushing manure in the stable. With this function, you can effortlessly sweep up the manure and push it to the desired location.

The hydraulic swivel function allows you to rotate the shovel to different angles to place the manure precisely. To do this, connect the blade to the front hydraulics of your MONA loader and control the lateral movements via the third control circuit.

The electric compact loader ensures environmentally friendly and low-noise operation. The combination of performance and flexibility makes the hydraulically pivoting snow blade an indispensable tool for stable cleaning and makes your work much easier.

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