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MONA is the always reliable, powerful and intuitive solution in a world where both sustainability and performance are required.

Our goal is to become the No. 1 everyday choice for a more convenient, environmentally friendly life by making electric commercial vehicles the industry standard in agriculture, forestry and construction.

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Subsidies on MONA

Benefit from the new Germany-wide subsidies and the subsidies in Switzerland on electrical equipment in agriculture.

  • Demeter farmer

    "I think it makes sense to buy an electric loader because I use it to drive between my animals ."

  • Horse farm operator

    "My loader has to push manure, make hay and drive bales every day; it is the most important vehicle on the farm ."

  • Farmer

    "The diesel engine is too loud . The animals are frightened, the charger should be electric. I want to minimize the daily stress for the animals ."

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Mona the machine is a renowned brand and a pioneer in the production of high-performance machines in the field of loading technology. With a focus on innovation and sustainability, Mona the Machine uses a revolutionary technology - the use of lithium-ion batteries in their yard loaders and mini excavators.
Lithium-ion technology offers a number of advantages over traditional energy sources. Mona the Machine's batteries offer longer operating time, faster charging times and greater energy efficiency. This allows the yard loaders and mini excavators to ensure longer working hours and increase productivity. In addition, Mona's lithium-ion batteries help the machine reduce emissions and minimize the environmental impact compared to traditional internal combustion engines. This not only makes the machines more environmentally friendly, but also quieter in operation, resulting in a more pleasant working environment.
Mona the machine is known for quality and reliability. The yard loaders and mini excavators are robust and durable to withstand the most demanding working conditions of professionals. They are equipped with the latest technological features to simplify operation and improve safety. With Mona the Machine by your side, you can be sure that you will receive high quality machines that meet your needs. Whether on the construction site, in agriculture, on the horse farm or in other industries - Mona the machine is the ideal partner for powerful, environmentally friendly and reliable machines.