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Sickle mower

Sickle mower

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Electric sickle mower suitable for MONA Lunar electric compact loader.

The electrically operated sickle mower for the MONA Lunar Compact loader is an innovative solution for efficient lawn and vegetation care. This attachment allows the farm loader to cut grass areas, wild growth and vegetation quickly and precisely.

The sickle mower is made of high-quality materials and was specially developed for use with the MONA loader. It has sharp, robust blades that guarantee clean cutting results.

Thanks to the electric drive, the sickle mower system is particularly environmentally friendly and quiet. It produces no harmful emissions and ensures a pleasant working environment. In addition, the operation is very cost-efficient, as there are no fuel costs when using your own electricity.

With the sickle mulcher, lawn care becomes an efficient and time-saving task. The electric farm loader combined with this attachment offers an environmentally friendly solution for maintaining green spaces and vegetation.

Operating the sickle mower is simple and intuitive. The operator can attach the mulcher to the front of the loader using the hydraulic quick coupler. The high maneuverability of the wheel loader makes it possible to easily reach even hard-to-reach areas.

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