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Grapple bucket 90 cm

Grapple bucket 90 cm

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Grapple bucket suitable for MONA eHoflader. Hydraulics can be connected via third control circuit.

The grapple bucket is a practical attachment for the electric MONA farm loader. It is specifically designed to efficiently move and load heavy materials such as manure, straw, rubble, gravel, sand or wood waste. The grab bucket is equipped with a hydraulic mechanism that allows the operator to pick up and empty the material effortlessly. Thanks to its robust construction, the grab bucket can withstand demanding working conditions and offers a high load capacity.

Our grapple bucket can be used in a variety of ways. It makes loading trailers or containers easier and enables quick and efficient material transfer. It can also be used for removing surfaces or sorting materials. The tines can hold the material and transport it precisely to the desired location.

The electric farm loader equipped with a grapple bucket is environmentally friendly and quiet. Because it runs on electrical energy, it produces no harmful emissions and reduces noise levels in the stable, on the farm or on the construction site. This makes it ideal for use in urban areas or in sensitive environments where environmental and noise regulations must be met. With its low maintenance requirements and environmentally friendly operation, it is a good choice for all types of applications.

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