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Sustainable agriculture with electric farm loaders

Nachhaltige Landwirtschaft mit E-Hoflader

Mona Lindenmeyer |

How the fully electric farm loader contributes to sustainable agriculture.

"The challenges of increasing population growth, declining biodiversity and ecosystem services as well as climate change require a fundamental rethinking of our current food systems. Sustainable agriculture should be seen as part of sustainable rural development. This requires rural areas that are designed to be sustainable and in which there is a sufficient population "Food, water, energy, building materials and income can be generated. In addition to agriculture, the responsible use of natural resources also plays an important role." -BMZ

Responsible use of resources includes not consuming fossil fuels. The electric farm loader can be operated with renewable energies, such as green electricity or electricity from your own PV system.

Apart from the fact that fossil fuels are gradually running out, the biggest disadvantage is the high environmental impact. Combustion is accompanied by a strong formation of fine dust and high CO2 emissions, which are responsible for global warming. A purely electrically operated farm loader has the advantage that it is emission-free during use . No exhaust gases in the form of CO2 are released.

In addition, significantly fewer harmful oils and lubricants, which can pollute the floor if leaked, are released. In this way, you protect the land in your agriculture and increase animal welfare.

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