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Electric Vehicles in Agriculture

Elektrofahrzeuge in der Landwirtschaft

Mona Lindenmeyer |

We have seen the rise of EV with passanger cars over last few year. Not only is the share of new electric cars growing signigicantly but the private and public charging network is expanding at the same time. What role do electric utility vehicles play in agriculture and farming? Different types of vehicles in the field of agricultural technologies have already been electrified. While the most common implementation of battery operated drives is seen in wheel loaders we observe that small electric tractors are also on the rise. Reasons to opt for an electric drive may vary. Besides the benefit of being 100 percent CO2 emission free many other advantages often influence the acquisition. Animal welfare is another key driver as the electric drive reduces noise and engine smells when driving. Especially when working in closed barns between animals (e.g. while pushing manure with a wheel loader) electric vehicles can reduce stress on the animals. Interested in a test drive? Reach out to us!