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Bale Spike 80 cm

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Bale spike with a length of 80 cm suitable for MONA Lunar electric compact loader with MONA hitch.

The bale spike for the MONA electric farm loader is a great addition for farmers who regularly work with straw or hay bales. This attachment has been specifically designed to make bale handling more efficient and easier.

Our bale spike consists of a sturdy metal construction with two prongs that penetrate the bale and hold it securely. By using an electric farm loader with a bale spit Bales weighing up to 500 kg can be easily transported from one place to another.

The use of the electric MONA farm loader is environmentally friendly as it is operated emission-free and does not emit any harmful exhaust gases. This makes it the ideal choice for farms that want to achieve their sustainability goals.

The bale spit allows the operator to safely grip and transport the bales without damaging them during transport. This saves time and effort when handling bales as they can be moved quickly and efficiently.

In summary, the bale spit for the electric MONA compact loader is a practical solution to make the handling of straw and hay bales easier. It offers an efficient and environmentally friendly way to transport bales and makes farmers' jobs much easier.


Bale Spike 80 cm

690,00 €
(with VAT)
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