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Grapple fork

Grapple fork

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Grapple fork with 100 cm width suitable for MONA compact loader with MONA hitch. Hydraulics can be connected via third control circuit.

The grapple fork is an extremely practical extension for the electric MONA farm loader. This tool allows the farm loader to safely and efficiently transport heavy loads such as manure, hay, logs or other bulky materials up to 500 kg. The grapple forks are equipped with strong tines that provide a firm grip on the load to prevent slipping or falling during transport.

The all-electric farm loader is environmentally friendly and quiet, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor work. The grapple fork attachment makes the loading process even more efficient and allows the operator to place the load precisely.

The grapple fork is a versatile tool for the electric loader and provides an efficient solution for material handling in various work environments. Whether in stables, warehouses, construction sites or other industrial areas, the grapple fork attachment allows the farm loader to move heavy loads safely and efficiently, thereby helping to increase productivity.

Thanks to the MONA loader's electric drive and 0.5t lifting capacity, the job can be done faster, saving time and money. Maintenance is also minimal as the electric wheel loader has fewer moving parts and has a long service life.

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