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Are the fully electric MONA machines eligible for funding through BAFA? Yes!

Read about the requirements and process for applying for funding here.

The fully electric MONA ecourt loader and MONA eMini excavator fall under BAFA Energy Efficiency Module 4 for energy and resource-related optimization of systems and processes. This funding takes place within the category of energy and resource efficiency in the economy . Module 5.4 promotes investment measures for the energy and resource-oriented optimization of industrial and commercial systems and processes that contribute to increasing energy or resource efficiency or reducing and avoiding fossil energy consumption or CO 2 -intensive resources in companies.

What is the subject of funding?

The subject of the application is the process and procedure changes that lead to energy savings and resource savings , in particular the use of energy-efficient machines .

What is eligible?

In addition to the use of energy-efficient machines, expenses for the creation of a savings concept and the implementation support of the funded investment measure by external energy consultants are also eligible for funding.

Amount of funding

The maximum funding is limited to an amount of 500 euros , or 900 euros for small and medium-sized companies , per ton of CO 2 saved annually (funding efficiency).

Preparation of application

When submitting an application, a savings concept drawn up by an energy consultant must be presented to BAFA. To create the savings concept, you must use the form provided by BAFA on the website. Energy consultants external to the company must be approved in the “Federal funding of energy advice for non-residential buildings, systems and systems: Module 1” (energy audit) program in accordance with the directive on the funding of energy advice for non-residential buildings, systems and systems. Relevant experts can be found, for example, on the website: . The advice must be manufacturer-, provider-, product- and sales-neutral and technology-neutral for the company being advised.

make an application

You can submit the BAFA application here:

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