With the MONA app you have all the information at one click

Find the right accessories for configuring your MONA with just one click and order them conveniently to your yard.

Keep an overview of your CO2 balance and find out interesting facts about the topic of CO2 neutrality.

Benefit from quick access to spare parts and service appointments . Upload images and videos directly to our service contact form for even faster analysis.

We answer your questions about the MONA app

In which languages ​​is the MONA app available?

The MONA app is currently available in German and English. We are working on translating the app into additional languages ​​in the future.

Where can I find the serial number of my MONA machine?

You can find the serial number on the silver CE plate attached to your machine.

Can anyone register with my serial number?

No, the serial numbers are linked to the details of the buyer of the machine. To register, please use the same email address that you provided when purchasing.

My machine is used by more than one person. How can I add multiple users?

Go to your user profile in the bottom right navigation. In the lower section you will find the user management function. There you can invite additional users to your machine via email.

If the invited person has not received an email, please check the SPAM folder in your email inbox first.

I don't have a MONA machine yet, can I still use the app?

The MONA app is currently only intended for MONA customers. If you are interested in a MONA machine, please contact us.