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Mona under power at the trade fair in Ravensburg

Mona unter Strom auf der Messe in Ravensburg

Mona Lindenmeyer |

October 27, 2022

A report from BW agrar by Matthias Borlinghaus

Mona under power - the first fully electric farm loader from Neyer Landtechnik

Neyer Landtechnik GmbH has brought a fully electric electric farm loader, powered by a lithium-ion battery, onto the market under the in-house brand “Mona the Machine”. “We designed the loader the way we’ve always wanted it,” says company boss Christoph Neyer.

Accordingly, the farm loader is equipped as standard with all the components and functional parts that the practical user actually needs, all electrically at a net price of 15,900 euros. “We are 40 percent cheaper than a comparable diesel. “So far it has always been the case that the electric charger was 40 percent more expensive than the diesel version,” says Neyer happily. It's great fun to drive, he says, because the machine starts lively and has very good torque. A pendulum joint ensures that the all-wheel-drive loader remains stable on bumps without tipping over. The basic model also includes street approval according to STVO. Only the type of tires can be selected.

electric farm loader mona the machine with lithium ions

New brand under construction

The electric charger belongs to the well-sounding brand “Mona the Machine” and is ideal for professional use thanks to the extra large and robust battery. With “Mona” Neyer wants to build a brand that will also be well received in other cultural circles. In the advertisement, Mona is depicted as a female pop art figure who embodies the characteristics of the machine and, depending on the pose, lifts something with her arms raised or digs something up when she bends down on her knees.

Strong performance and versatile

The lifting capacity of the 900 kg loader is 0.5 t. For example, a large bale of feed can be lifted. There are three engines in total. Two motors for the all-wheel drive on the front and rear axles and a third motor for the hydraulics. The electric motor that drives the hydraulic pump achieves an output of up to 30 liters per minute. That means: The small electric loader has so much power that you can even add a sickle mulcher to it. There is an adjustable steering column and a hydraulic quick coupler in the third control circuit as standard. This means that even people with not that much muscle strength can easily change the various attachments - from the fork to the crocodile bit or a snow blade to the standard shovel. No loss of performance.

Fast charging

For quick charging, there is a super charger for the large battery with 150 amp hours, a separate charging station that charges the battery to 60 percent within 40 minutes. If the farm loader is not in use for a long time, the lithium-ion battery will not be affected. The performance remains constant, even if the battery is no longer fully charged. There is a normal 230-volt Schuko connection for charging overnight. The battery capacity is usually sufficient for a whole working day, as the electricity is only required when the machine is working.

mona the machine electric farm loader all wheel drive

Great team effort

The electric charger was developed by a team of four technicians and engineers via video link during the Corona period. The components are manufactured to order abroad and Neyer wants to sell a three-digit number from next year. Additional companies are to be brought on board for national sales. 

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