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Buy a farm loader with an electric drive

Hoflader kaufen mit Elektroantrieb

Mona Lindenmeyer |

Are you looking for a new farm loader? Would you like to sell your used wheel loader? Four good reasons to switch to the fully electric farm loader from MONA DIE MASCHINE.

1. You want to operate your agriculture CO2-neutrally.

The EU has decided that agriculture should become climate neutral by 2035. To achieve this, numerous measures are necessary. In the areas of land use, climate, energy and transport, greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced by at least 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels. The fully electric farm loader from MONA DIE MASCHINE is 100% emission-free in operation and does not emit any CO2 or other exhaust gases.

2. You want to switch to renewable energy.

If you want to avoid fossil fuels, an electric commercial vehicle is the right choice. Electricity can be generated from renewable energies, such as solar systems or wind power plants. So-called “green electricity” can either be obtained from the local energy supplier or produced yourself.

3. You want to save money.

The farm loader from MONA DIE MASCHINE is not only attractively priced when purchased, but also brings financial advantages over the years. On the one hand, the electric drive with lithium ions is particularly low-maintenance and long-lasting. There are significantly fewer maintenance costs. Wearing parts, such as oil filters, do not need to be replaced regularly. If you have a PV system on your farm, you can not only obtain drive energy sustainably, but also extremely cheaply.

4. You already operate or are planning a photovoltaic system.

Charge your electric farm loader with your own solar power and benefit from energy self-sufficiency. By charging on your own power grid, you can operate much more independently. Always charge when your PV system is currently producing electricity. If you feed excess electricity into the power grid, pay attention to the price per kWh depending on the time of day. The cheaper you can sell the electricity, the more likely you should use the electricity for your own use.

Discover the new electric loader from MONA DIE MASCHINE as well as numerous attachments for your individual needs now.