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Pallet Fork

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Pallet fork suitable for MONA loader with MONA hitch. Position of the tines can be adjusted horizontally.

The pallet fork for MONA electric compact loader is an extremely useful addition for material transport. This attachment allows the farm loader to move pallets and other heavy loads up to 500 kg safely and efficiently.

The pallet fork is made of robust steel and is able to handle high loads. The forks are attached to the front of the farm loader via a frame and provide a safe and stable platform for transporting pallets, boxes and other load carriers.

The advantage of the pallet forks for the MONA electric loader is that they work quietly and are environmentally friendly. Since the MONA eFarm loaders are electrically powered, they do not produce any harmful emissions and thus contribute to reducing environmental impact.

With the pallet fork, drivers can position the loads precisely and place them safely. The forks can be adjusted in width as needed to accommodate different sizes of pallets and load carriers. This increases the versatility of the yard loader and makes it a valuable machine in various work environments such as construction sites, warehouses or production facilities.

Overall, the pallet fork is an effective solution for transporting materials with the electric yard loader. They improve productivity, reduce environmental impact and provide a reliable way to move heavy loads safely.


Pallet Fork

790,00 €
(with VAT)
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