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Emission-free in the zoo & animal park with eHoflader

Emissionfrei im Zoo & Tierpark mit eHoflader

Mona Lindenmeyer |

Possible uses and advantages of the lithium-ion battery-operated electric farm loader from Mona, the machine with quick charging function in zoos and animal parks

In zoos and animal parks, it is of great importance to use efficient and environmentally friendly solutions to ensure that daily operations run smoothly while meeting the needs of the animals. The electric farm loader from Mona die Machine , powered by a lithium-ion battery and equipped with a quick-charging function as standard, offers the ideal solution here. With its powerful and sustainable technology, it offers numerous possible uses and advantages to meet the requirements of zoos and animal parks.

1. Versatile uses:

The electric farm loader from Mona the machine is suitable for a variety of tasks in zoos and animal parks. Here are some example possible uses:

a) Feed and material transport: The farm loader equipped with a pallet fork or shovel can be used to transport feed and materials efficiently. Whether it is bringing the feed to the enclosures or transporting materials for the construction and maintenance of enclosures, the farm loader facilitates the logistics process and saves time and effort.

b) Enclosure maintenance: With various attachments such as brooms or grab shovels , the farm loader can be used to clean and maintain the enclosures. It allows dirt, leaves and other debris to be removed to ensure a clean and safe environment for animals.

c) Landscaping: The yard loader can also help with outdoor landscaping and landscaping. With attachments such as shovels or mulchers , it can support the planting of trees and bushes or help with the mulching of paths and areas.

2. Environmentally friendly operation:

The electrically operated farm loader from Mona the machine is environmentally friendly and sustainable. By using a lithium-ion battery, no harmful emissions are released. This reduces environmental impact and ensures a clean and healthy environment for the animals. In addition, the need for fossil fuels is eliminated, resulting in a sustainable and resource-saving solution.

3. Fast charging function:

The electric MONA charger has a quick charging function as standard, which enables efficient use of the device. The lithium-ion battery can be charged in a very short time, resulting in minimal downtime. This ensures continuous availability of the farm loader and optimizes work processes in zoos and animal parks.

4. Quiet operation:

The electric farm loader works quietly compared to machines powered by combustion engines. This is especially important around animals, as a calm and stress-free environment is necessary for their well-being. The low-noise operation enables effective work without disturbing the animals.


The electric farm loader from Mona, powered by a lithium-ion battery, offers numerous advantages for zoos and animal parks. Thanks to its versatile application options, environmentally friendly operation, quick charging function and low-noise operation, it is the ideal choice for working efficiently and sustainably.

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