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Reduce operating costs with an electric fleet

Betriebskosten senken mit Elektro-Flotte

Mona Lindenmeyer |

Rising energy prices, inflation, delivery bottlenecks: prepare your business for the future.

It has been a long time since the topic of energy saving was as present as it is in 2022. But how can the total operating costs be significantly reduced? Anyone who chooses an electric vehicle with a lithium-ion battery benefits from the innovative technology in several ways.

1. Save maintenance costs : Electric motors with lithium ions are maintenance-free. Reduce the costs of regular service and repairs. Costs for wearing parts can also be saved because the battery, for example, does not require a filter change.

2. Save energy costs : Anyone who switches from a diesel or petrol engine to an electric drive will be permanently independent of rising market prices, driven by oil companies. Anyone who also combines their electric fleet with a solar system and charging infrastructure can draw on their own electricity storage system. The desired self-sufficiency of the farm is another incentive to rely on a PV solution.

3. Government funding : Your contribution to the energy transition is paying off. Find out about current funding programs and subsidies for electric vehicles.