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Bucket 40 cm

Bucket 40 cm

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Shovel with 40 cm width suitable for electric MONA mini excavator.

The 40cm electric mini excavator bucket is an extremely useful tool for construction and landscaping work. With its compact size and robust construction, this attachment is perfect for tight work areas. The shovel has a width of 40 cm, which allows for precise and efficient digging.

Thanks to the electric drive of the MONA mini excavator, working with the 40 cm bucket is quiet and environmentally friendly. You can easily work in sensitive residential areas or near schools or hospitals without disturbing the peace or causing harmful emissions.

The shovel is easy to use and offers quick assembly and disassembly. You can use it to complete various tasks such as digging trenches, shifting soil or loading materials onto trailers or trucks. The robust construction ensures a long service life and high performance, so you can complete your projects efficiently.

Whether you are a landscaper, contractor or amateur gardener, the 40cm bucket for a MONA electric mini excavator is an excellent addition. It offers you the versatility and performance you need to successfully complete your work tasks.

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