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Bucket 20 cm

Bucket 20 cm

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Shovel with 20 cm width suitable for electric MONA mini excavator.

The 20 cm bucket for the electric MONA mini excavator is an extremely versatile addition. With this special device, you can easily complete various tasks. The bucket offers an optimal width of 20 cm, making it ideal for excavating work in tighter spaces.

This attachment is perfect for smaller projects where precision and accuracy are required. Whether it's excavating for foundations, gardening or landscaping projects, the 20cm shovel gets the job done efficiently and reliably.

The electric mini excavator with shovel is particularly environmentally friendly because it works emission-free. This makes it an excellent choice for construction sites in urban areas where environmental considerations are of great importance.

With the precise control of the electric mini excavator and the sturdy construction of the bucket, you can easily excavate the ground and move materials with ease. The high performance of this attachment allows you to do your work effectively and save time.

The 20cm electric mini excavator bucket is a great addition for contractors, gardening professionals or anyone looking to perform versatile excavation work. Its powerful functionality and environmentally friendly properties make it an indispensable tool on the construction site.

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