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Bucket 100 cm

Bucket 100 cm

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Shovel with 100 cm width suitable for electric MONA mini excavator.

The 100 cm shovel is a practical addition to the electric MONA mini excavator. With a width of 100 cm, it allows for efficient digging and loading of materials. This attachment is ideal for various types of construction projects, such as digging trenches or loading rubble.

The shovel is made of sturdy material that is designed to last. Attaching to the mini excavator is quick and easy, which enables quick commissioning. With a large capacity, the shovel offers enough space for picking up and transporting dirt, gravel, sand and other building materials.

The electric mini excavator in combination with the 100 cm shovel offers an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional excavators. Since the excavator is electrically powered, there are no emissions and it works quietly. This is particularly advantageous in urban areas or construction sites with strict environmental regulations.

With the 100 cm bucket for the electric mini excavator you can increase the efficiency and versatility of your construction project. Whether you want to dig trenches, load materials, or use the excavator for other tasks, this bucket will meet your needs. Invest in this useful extension and make your work on the construction site easier.

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