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Tilting bucket

Tilting bucket

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Hydraulically tilting bucket suitable for the electric MONA mini excavator.

The electric mini excavator can be equipped with a tilting bucket device, which further improves its efficiency and versatility in various tasks. The tilting bucket device, also known as a tilting bucket, allows the excavator to easily and precisely dump the contents of the bucket.

By using the tilt bucket, the operator can adjust the tilt angle of the bucket to unload the material in the desired direction. This makes it easier to load trucks or containers, distribute bulk goods or dig pits. This feature allows the all-electric mini excavator to work effectively in tight work areas by moving material exactly where it is needed.

Controlling the tilting shovel device is simple and intuitive. The operator can adjust the tilt angle using a control lever. This flexibility allows the operator to work precisely and efficiently, saving time and effort.

The tilting bucket attachment of the MONA electric mini excavator is an essential tool for contractors, landscapers and other professionals who need to perform versatile and precise digging and transport work. This attachment option makes the mini excavator an even more powerful tool that can handle a variety of tasks.

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