BLE Germany-wide funding

Good news: there is a new Germany-wide subsidy for electrical equipment in agriculture the federal agency for agriculture and nutrition. 20% of the purchase costs for electric MONA farm loaders are funded.

BLE funding Germany

Does it have to be a replacement purchase?

When purchasing a new electric charger for agriculture, the old fossil fuel vehicle does not have to be scrapped.

What is funded?

20% of the purchase costs for electric MONA machines if you operate a farm and register your machine in Germany.

Minimum investment must be €16,000.

When do I have to submit the application?

Unlike the funding for electric commercial vehicles
Baden-Württemberg, for applications via the BLE the grant notification must first be submitted before the measure can be started can be started (order). This can take 1-2 months.

When do I have to make the purchase after a successful application?

You can buy the machine within 9 months of confirming your funding application.

Can I have more than one electric farm loader funded?

Yes, you can have more than one MONA machine funded via the BLE.

How do I submit the BLE application?

We work with an energy consultant who will support you in completing the BLE application. Contact us for further information.

Subsidies for electric MONA farm loaders in Switzerland

The electric wheel loader program promotes the use of farm loaders with battery-electric drives in Switzerland. It is aimed at agricultural businesses that would like to purchase battery-electric chargers.

Funding Switzerland

KliK Foundation E-Hardloader Program

The funding consists of a one-off investment contribution and an annual operating contribution . The investment contribution is calculated depending on the operating weight for general expected emission reductions in the first 5 years. For example, it is CHF 2,840 for a farm loader with an operating weight of 2 tons.

To participate in the program, a signed registration form must be submitted to the KliK Foundation. Important: The purchase contract for the e-yard loader may only be signed after the legally valid registration form has been submitted.

By participating in the program, the agricultural business transfers the CO2 emission reductions achieved by operating the electric farm loaders to the KliK Foundation. He undertakes to transmit the data required for the calculation to the KliK Foundation. The emission reductions may be shown as such in the company's greenhouse gas balance, provided that the funding from the KliK Foundation is clearly declared.

Registration for the program is done electronically via this website . Create a login and fill out the electronic registration form. After successfully checking the documents, you will receive a program participation contract from the foundation within 2 weeks.

Canton of Vaud program

Vehicles and agricultural equipment without the use of fossil fuels are supported in the canton of Vaud. These include electric compact loaders or yard loaders.

Amount: 30% of the acquisition costs, maximum CHF 50,000.

Participation: Maximum of 1 vehicle per company during the four-year project duration (2023 - 2026).

Process: After purchase, send the following documents to the DGAV:

  • The completed application form for the eligible vehicle
  • The corresponding purchase invoice

The application must be submitted by August 31st in order for payment to be made in the current year.

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