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DIY DIY projects with mini excavator

DIY Heimwerker Projekte mit Minibagger

Mona Lindenmeyer |

For everyone who likes to lend a hand - DIY made easy with the all-electric mini excavator

Whether building a house, gardening or forestry work: sometimes your own physical strength is not enough to complete the project. In this case, an electric mini excavator can often be purchased or rented inexpensively to provide full power assistance.

Anyone who wants to carry out renovation work indoors is well equipped with a hammer and shovel . In addition, no exhaust gases are released with an electric excavator, which is why there are no annoying smells during work. The quiet electric motor is particularly well received for partial renovations with inhabited outbuildings.

Creative gardening work, such as digging flower beds, ponds, swimming pools and much more, can be mastered with a shovel and auger . The tools on the electric excavator can be exchanged particularly conveniently and quickly using a hydraulic quick-change system.

If you want to transport or clear away wood or branches from forestry work, you can use the crocodile teeth to grab and release. Save valuable time and energy by letting the machine work for you.

On uneven floors or slopes, we recommend working with a hydraulic tipping bucket . With the help of the tilt position, the angle of the shovel can be brought to the horizontal. This means that the maximum shovel volume can be used optimally.

The electric mini excavator can be easily charged at home or on the construction site. The e-excavator with lithium-ion battery from MONA DIE MASCHINE is equipped with two charging ports. You can either quickly charge with 11 kW on a CEE "red" socket with 400 volts or charge regularly with 3.7 kW on a CEE "blue" socket with 230 volts. The particularly large battery in combination with the supercharger function enables powerful work without interruptions. This makes work fun!

Interested in your next DIY project? Discover the fully electric mini excavator from MONA DIE MASCHINE with a variety of tools suitable for your project.