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Aim high with an electric telehandler

Hoch hinaus mit Elektro-Teleskoplader

Mona Lindenmeyer |


An electric telehandler for the yard? Why the new, all-electric technology makes sense in the agricultural sector.

Telehandlers have to be efficient when used on agricultural farms. Many farmers want to make their operations CO2 neutral and are looking for emission-free alternatives. What are the requirements for an uncompromising, 100% electric telehandler?

When the telescopic arm is extended, the main concerns are lifting power and lifting height. The same performance can usually be achieved with E-Power compared to the diesel model. What should you pay attention to?

On the farm, the telehandler should be able to maneuver nimbly in the stable. Compact models with all-wheel drive are particularly suitable for this. A hydraulic tool holder makes it easier to change attachments and offers additional convenience.

If you work a lot and for long hours, you should pay attention to the battery capacity. If you plan your work ahead, you can charge throughout the day. The loading time from 0 to 100% plays less of a role because it always loads in between. This makes sense, since the battery charges fastest at a battery level of 20 to 80 percent. Anyone who chooses a telehandler with a lithium-ion battery will benefit from the latest technology.

The electric telehandler has a travel drive and a drive for the hydraulics installed. The unit kW provides information about the performance. In general, vehicles with electric motors accelerate faster. With an electric motor, the lower the speed, the higher the torque. This means that the maximum torque is available for acceleration from practically the first revolution of the engine.

The fully electric telehandler is a true alternative in stables, indoors or cities. Thanks to its very low noise level, it is also ideal for night work. LED work lights offer a good view for more safety.

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