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Reduce stress with electric drive

Stress reduzieren mit Elektroantrieb

Mona Lindenmeyer |

Working under extreme conditions - is that necessary?

Noise and odor pollution are a major stress factor not for workers, but also for the immediate environment.

Construction site vehicles with electric drives can greatly reduce the noise level on construction sites. Noise-sensitive locations particularly benefit from the latest technology: whether hotels, residential areas, hospitals or schools, there are many facilities affected.

Anyone who ignores environmentally harmful exhaust gases outdoors is directly affected when working indoors. The harmful gases and particles cannot escape there and therefore harm the immediate environment and people. Working in enclosed spaces often cannot be avoided, for example when renovating buildings. Construction site vehicles with electric drives are 100% emission-free during operation as they do not emit any CO2.

For this reason, it is advisable to switch to an electric fleet for both health and climate-related reasons.

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